PATI Membership

Price Action Traders Institute’s Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Live trade planning sessions with me every Tuesday – Thursday morning at 5:30 AM PST (8:30 AM EST). I will go over the exact trade plans for the upcoming NY session on 9 of the most popular currency pairs. You will leave knowing exactly what to trade and when to trade it!
  • A live in depth weekly webinar every Wednesday at 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) where I teach and review the principles of price action trading. Together we will review the price action trades I take and you will have an opportunity to interact with me to get your concerns, issues and questions answered (The Weekly Webinar is recorded for those who are unable to attend live).
  • Twitter Market Commentary as the Trades we discussed in the Trade Planning Sessions setup or unfold. Members have an opportunity to engage with me during live market hours on Twitter
  • Member Access to a video library of the most recent Weekly Teaching Webinars
  • My Personal Promise + Commitment to Your Trading Success
  • All for only a $197/month – No Long Term Contract ( Membership Access Canceled Immediately Upon Request)

What Client’s Say


“I have to say that your clarity of thought and simple approach to price action has taught me a lot about chart work. You took a very complicated process and broke it down into its constituent pieces that made a lot of sense”

“I made a highly-informed and well thought-out decision to primarily learn from Kim due to her simplicity…and so she became my mentor… and for the last 6 months I have excelled in my chart vision thanks solely to Kim”

“Fantastic job – I would like you to know that your teaching mattered to me, it made a difference in my life! I would not be at the level of trading I am now, if it had not been for you.”

I have been so appreciative of your contributions to my training …I sincerely believe that your emphasis on price action is warranted… and it becomes much more clear when I listen to you talk about what you see on the charts in real time

You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

Being a successful business man, I understand the beauty of simplicity and minimization which I believe is at the core of your approach to trading and is one that I aspire to fully absorb and implement.

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