As the 2012 trading year comes to a close, and you are spending time with loved ones enjoying the holidays, make sure to take time away from the charts and clear your mind’s eye for the upcoming trading year.

Many forex trading gurus and inexperienced teachers convince their students that the holidays are a time when they should do a lot forex chart homework.  Busy work… another distraction to keep you from contemplating about who you want to be as a forex trader in 2013.

Cash out for the next few weeks…spend time with family and friends…sit around like hobbits, eating, drinking and laughing about stuff that happened 15 years ago…and love it (of course a nice glass of wine, some good dark chocolate or a shot of your favorite scotch will add to the experience!)

Stay in the moment…the markets and the charts will be there.  Instead of marking up charts, think about your trade plan for 2013…who will you be in 2013?

Better yet…who do you want to be in 2013?

Will you be a trader who is disciplined and focused on doing the right thing when sitting down to trade, win or lose?

These are the questions to think about during the next few weeks.  Looking at charts and making flashcards of setups will do you absolutely no good if you have no direction for your trading or who you want to be as a trader.

Who will you trade with?  What trading session will you commit to …no matter what others say on blogs and forum posts about how great the London session is or how difficult the New York session is…make it your decision.

You call the shots in your life…own that statement in 2013.

Personally,  I have some exciting things on the horizon for the 2013 trading year…I will be re energized and refocused on the forex markets again for my 13th year of trading.

Happy Holidays!!

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